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A portfolio of my work in the medium of leaded and Stained-glass, including Autonomous Glass panels, glass commissions for architecture, realized and unrealized Project ideas, and transparency maquettes (models). I first studied glass at Rhode Island School of Design, and then later completed a traditional apprenticeship in Gothic Revival stained glass at one of the oldest extant studios in the US, Burnham & LaRoche Stained Glass, in Medford, MA. I went on to work for many different established glass studios and artists throughout NY, New England, and California, working in teams earning my living as a journeyman restorer, craftsman, and glass painter on large projects. I worked on projects of windows dating from the 15th century to the early 20th, for all manner of public and private institutions and architecture. I also took on smaller commissions of my own, mainly of restoration work of historic art glass windows.